About us

What makes Phyox unique?

Our planet is inexorably being affected by climate change: CO2 increase in the atmosphere causes dramatic climate change, seas and oceans change, arable land is being reduced.

At the same time, the global population is increasing and the migration pressure is higher every day. The quality of human diet is decreasing; it is dominated by sugar, carbohydrates and fats, and lacking in proteins, vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids.

At the beginning of the 21st century, for the first time in its history, the planet Earth is threatened by its inhabitants – humans in a way that its sustainability is questionable. The question that puzzles everyone is: has the "point of no return" been reached?

PHYOX affects all of these phenomena in the opposite, positive direction because:

• Phyox produces microalgae, substances rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids.

• Phyox consumes CO2 and releases oxygen into the atmosphere, with an effect equivalent to 20 ha of forests.

• Phyox produces per unit of soil surface it occupies hundreds of times higher nutritional value than any other crop.

• Phyox proprietary technology is unique and superior to any other commercial microalgae industry in the world, and our products are of superior quality.

PHYOX has defined its purpose that motivates and inspires us:

"Improving human health and contributing to the ecological sustainability of the planet"

Phyox d.d. was created by combining the competences, experience and resources of its founders who after many years of technology development, decided to implement their microalgae production project in Croatia. Microalgae (Phytoplankton) are microorganisms that produce oxygen (Oxygenium) through photosynthesis, which is how the name Phyox was created.

Our PURPOSE: "To improve human health and contribute to the ecological sustainability of the planet".

Our MISSION: "Explore, develop and produce the best of algae."

Our VISION: "The world's leading producer of premium quality microalgae."

We research and further develop our products and technology in collaboration with Croatian and European scientists. We are proud to say that from the Croatian city of Novska, we have been contributing to the health of humanity since mid-2020, relieving the planet of CO2 and giving it oxygen.

We have been producing the best substances for the human body and improving human health. Our only option is the quality of our products. Only the "best of algae" can be labeled as "Phyox".

We gather a professional and motivated team. We operate in an international environment. We are dedicated to exploring new products and constantly improving our own, using world-class unique technology, into which we invest significant, own and European resources.

Our products are the solution to meet the growing need for quality nutrition.

We produce oxygen, reduce CO2 and thus contribute to the ecological sustainability of the planet.

We are a socially responsible company that promotes and supports healthy life and activities that promote sustainability of the planet.

Dražen Breglec, CEO and Board Member

Board members:

  • Bernd Herrmann, Chairman of the Board and Innovator
  • Franjo Orešković, Deputy President
  • Bernd Dehner, Member
  • Marin Pranjić, Member