Production of microalgae by Phyox technology

Phyox LC manufactures microalgae using closed photobioreactor ("PBR") technology in completely controlled and sterile conditions. The design of the reactors, as well as the entire manufacturing process are the result of years of our own investment in development and are based on numerous proprietary patents and protected by licensed rights.

Thanks to the superior design of our photobioreactors as well as many other innovative process solutions, we are the first in the world to have the possibility of continuous industrial commercial production of microalgae under ideal and constant conditions 24/7, 365 days a year.Our technology also allows us to create specific, that is, variable production conditions and 100% control over all the parameters (temperature, light, acidity, introduction of gases in the desired ratio and quantity, presence of nutrients, etc.). Therefore, we are able to achieve not only the highest possible yields, but also the targeted microalgae characteristics that we can adapt to the specific requirements of our clients. Also, thanks to the production modularity, we are able to produce several different types of algae at the same time, i.e. the production range can be changed almost instantaneously. Our final product is characterized by maximum preservation, i.e. the integrity of microalgae cells.

Our process is designed to meet the highest standards for medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Not only have we completely eliminated any negative or harmful effects or pollution of our products due to external influences, but the entire production process consists of exclusively completely inert materials and materials acceptable for medical purposes, i.e. glass and stainless steel of the highest quality!

The complete production is characterized by high, for competition unattainable and globally highest possible productivity, as well as high energy efficiency.

Phyox LC is focused on the production of microalgae for food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical industries. Our clients are from the B2B segment and expect the highest quality, constant quantity and superior microalgae quality.

With the help of constant research, development and in cooperation with scientific institutions, we are able to develop and achieve the desired and unprecedented characteristics of microalgae according to the special requirements of our clients.

In the Business Zone Novska, mid-2020 we have started commercial production of microalgae!